• Dry Fog Vapor spray method using DDHP jet nozzle has a particle size of about 0.75 μm, which is small and light, does not produce dew condensation, but stimulates *Brownian motion. Rapid distribution is also feasible with only a small amount of solution.
  • Sterilize up to 33 m2 per 1 Head, stand tripod is available for T model.
  • Usable with low-concentration solution (under 10%; minimum damage to facilities), maximum capacity of 2 L, and can sterilize with low ppm (ppm is the unit for hydrogen peroxide in the air), short ventilation time and immediate space reuse is feasible as it uses a scrubber (conditioning equipment).
  • There are little to no restrictions on temperature or humidity, so adjusting room conditions manually is not needed.
  • Mounted with LED display, easy to operate, can observe operation status, and can save sterilized space with its memory function (recipe function).
  • Can check the level of temperature, humidity, and peroxide ppm level (additional option).
  • Usable with WiFi function through wireless remote control and router.

*Brownian motion : The phenomenon that small particle moves irregularly in liquid or gas


*This model is currently discontinued due to material supply problems.